Double Glazing Benefits

The Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing is definitely a product to be considered in today’s climate, both from an environmental & economic point of view. Although initially it can sometimes be costly, often people are unaware of the huge saving that can be made in the long term. Over time double glazing pays dividends preventing heat loss in the home, therefore reducing your energy bills.

When buying windows for your home, consider the number of opening panels. As a general guide the more opening panels the more expensive the project will be. So ensure that you choose wisely and make sure you buy appropriately for your home and budget.

Security is high on our priority list as multi-point locking systems are a must, our windows come with a strong locking mechanism to ensure that your home is protected.

There are various styles available, so make sure that you consider neighbouring houses to see what is in keeping and what isn’t, as your decision can hugely impact on the appearance of your home.

Some homeowners will require planning permission to have new windows installed, and although it is rare, it is a good idea before purchasing any windows to double check with your local council that they are happy for you to go ahead with any window installation at your property.

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