Designing a kitchen of your dreams

Simple choices create beautiful kitchens.

Consider the mood of your dream kitchen, create a space for a party, a family gathering, a preparation area for a gastronomic melting pot to bubble. Cook, chat, create, celebrate!

The ideal kitchen is one that reflects your lifestyle. Think beyond your confines, consider when you will be using your kitchen & who will you be using it with.

A bespoke kitchen will suit your family’s lifestyle and needs perfectly.

Plan stage 1

Draw a rough sketch of the room with a floor plan and approximate measurements. Don’t forget to mark utility points such as water, gas, electricity, and positions of the doors and windows.

Plan stage 2

How much preparation, storage, washing and cooking space do you require. Consider the invisible triangle: cooker, fridge, sink, they must be easily accessed without major obstacles blocking the flow of your routine.

Plan stage 3

Will you need space for key items that you currently have in your kitchen: dog baskets, vegetable stands, a butchers block? Are you intending to have an island, recycling bins, Bar stools? All of these key points need to be addressed to help with the design of your new bespoke kitchen.

Plan stage 4

Once you have a wish list and are now aware of the area that you have to work with, then give us a call and we will come and visit to help with your layout and design. Any issues that you may need inspiration to resolve will be our pleasure to overcome.