Designing a galley kitchen.

When planning a kitchen of your ‘dreams’, we most probably would imagine a vast open space with high ceilings and airy sash windows, with a kitchen island or a kitchen table. The majority of people would not describe a long and narrow room.

Well, beautiful things sometimes do come in small packages. Let us consider a galley kitchen, a typically long and narrow area.

There are various options to consider depending on your taste and style, amongst them are things such as clean lines or open shelving, either can create a truly different ambience in a room just like an individual’s personality.

There are design principles to consider and ideas to mull over, conversations to raise before decisions are made.

To have wall cabinetry or not to have wall cabinetry this is the question!

Remember to allow the sense of space to grow, avoid narrowing the space with imposing wall cabinets. The thing to remember is that you do not want the walls to become overcrowded.

There is certainly a place for wall cabinetry in some galley kitchens, used creatively, however, be mindful and try to keep as much free wall and counter space as you possibly can. If the walls are kept clear, the room will appear light and airy. This being said should you not feel you can keep walls clear due to storage needs, then consider having a shelving area that is contained within one section, try to make this a focal point and display all of your ‘must haves’ so they are easily accessible. A well-stocked plate rack, which is half the size of a wall cabinet, can be a saviour for galley kitchens and give the area high impact depending on your chosen crockery.

A feature shelf above the cooker is a useful option to house hanging utensils and free up drawer space. A mirror can create the illusion of grandeur set in the right location.

Our range of base cupboards offers great capacity for deep pan draws and other baking accessories. Try to keep a seamless flow to the countertops; this will create length and depth to the room.

There’s so much room for imaginative design in any shape or space, a galley kitchen is no exception. Approached in the right way with practical theories applied you can create one of the best kitchens spaces around.